The Concept of Sufi Tourism India is Under
“Sufi Syed Ajmal Nizami” Son of “Pir Khwaja Afzal Nizami” Sajda Nashin
and “Management of Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia Trust” Delhi and Team.
Motto of the team of “Sufi Tourism India” Is To Organize Spiritual Trip For The Devotees Coming From Across The World To Visit Dargah’s And Holy Places In India, We Take Care Of Making The Arrangements In Advance For Transportation, Booking For Stay ( In Guest-House, Standard, Deluxe, Three Stars, Five Stars Hotels ), Railway Tickets, Air Tickets, Taxis, Meter Cabs, Deluxe Buses And Proper Arrangement For DUA With Local Authorized Person Of Dargah Sharif/Holy Places. We Do Recommend Eating Points/Restaurants, Information On The Local Market Of Visiting Area And Legal Assistants/Arrangement Of Visa For Non-Indian Travelling From World.
We Try To Serve The World With Our Services/Advice’s And Humanity By The Grace Of Almighty God
Sufi Syed Ajmal Nizami and Team of Sufi Tourism India.