Hazrat Khwaja Nasiruddin Mahmood Dargah


Dargah Name: Hazrat Khwaja Nasiruddin Mahmood Dargah
Other Titles: Chiragh-e-Dehli (Light of Delhi)
Predecessor: Nizamuddin Auliya
Date of Urs:
Resting Place: Delhi
Gaddi Nashin:

About Dargah: Nasiruddin Mahmood Chirag-e-Delhi (or Chiragh-e-Delhi) was a prominent saint of the Chishti Order. He was a mureed (disciple) of the great saint, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and later his khalifa (successor). He was the last recognized khalifa of the Chishti Order from Delhi and was given the title, “Roshan Chirag-e-Delhi”, which in Urdu means “Illuminated Lamp of Delhi”.
In his lifetime Khwaja Nasiruddeen Chiragh witnessed the final ruin of the kingdom of Delhi and the fragmentation of the Chishtia silsila. Under his guidance, the sacred order managed to stay true to its principles of remaining above politics and the whims of kings, even though in his haste to combat the popularity of the silsila, the reigning sultan destroyed Delhi itself.

He died in 17 Ramzan 757 Hijri or 1356 AD.at the age of 82, and was buried in a part of Delhi (India) which is now known as “Chirag-e-Delhi” after him.

There are several stories as to how he obtained the title of Chiragh, or ‘lamp’. One states that at the time of his building a water reservoir for his pir, sultan Ghiyasuddin ordered all oil supplies to the khanqah to be stopped, so that the night work could not be carried out. However, Khwaja Nasiruddin performed a miracle by transforming water into oil for the lamps, and the reservoir was built on schedule.
Another tells that once he entered the mehfil of his murshad and other sufis, he did not want to sit where he was shown, as it would mean facing his back to some of those gathered. But Nizamuddin Auliya told him, “a chiragh has no back; it sheds its light in all the directions.”

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