Pir Budhan Ali Shah Dargah


Dargah Name: Pir Budhan Ali Shah Dargah
Other Titles: Satwari Wale Pir Baba
Date of Urs:
Resting Place: Jammu, J&K
Gaddi Nashin:

About Dargah: Located about 8 kms towards Satwari region near Jammu airport, Dargah of Pir Budhan Ali Shah lies across Tawi River. This dargah is famous for the belief that it protects the people of Jammu from evil spirits and mishaps.
This shrine is world famous and is thronged by hundreds of pilgrims who come here to pay their offerings in the form of edible items such as oil and fruits. Devotees visiting this dargah don’t belong to any particular religion. The shrine has been worshipped by these people for ages for its miraculous powers. Also called Satwari Wale Pir Baba, it is flocked by masses particularly on Thursday to seek the blessings of Budhan Ali Shah.
Baba Budhan Shah took birth at Talwandi in Punjab and later turned into a dear friend of Guru Gobind Singh. Pir Baba is believed to have lived his whole life on milk of goats that were guarded by his tiger and so lived till the age of 500 years. Another shrine of Pir Budhan Ali Shah is situated at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. Baba earned a lot of respect from his devotees at Jammu and Kashmir. Ever after he died, people admired him and the power of faith remained.

Budhan Shah lived up to the time of Sikh Guru Hargobind and died in 1643 and his Mausoleum is located on hilltop in Kiratpur Sahib about 200 meters to east of the Ashram of Baba Gurditta and he is visited by both the Sikhs and Muslims of the region.

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