Baba Muraad Shah Ji Dargah


Dargah Name: Baba Muraad Shah Ji Dargah
Other Titles:
Date of Urs:
Resting Place: Nakodar
Gaddi Nashin:

About Dargah: Dera or Dargah of Baba Murad Shah Ji is situated at Nakodar, Punjab which falls under the Jalandhar District and around 24kms from the Jalandhar City. The place is a Sufi Paradise which is said to fulfill the desires of many. The Dargah of Baba Murad Shah ji after his demise was offered to the famous Punjabi Singer, Sh. Gurdas Maan ji who refused saying that he is too small a person for a designation (‘padwi’) like this. Various singers perform at this spiritually powerful place and there is even a Mela organized regularly. The tomb is built in a Muslim structural way and photographs of Baba Murad Shah Ji, kept at couple of places. The aura speaks from the pictures of Babaji and worth a place you should go at least once. Upon return the Prasad is given in the form of ‘Elaichi’.

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