Rauza Sharif Dargah


Dargah Name: Rauza Sharif Dargah
Other Titles:
Date of Urs:
Resting Place: Sirhind
Gaddi Nashin:

About Dargah: The Rauza or Dargah of Hazrat Mujaddid-Alfi-Sani Sheikh Abmad Farooqi is situated at a small distance to the north of Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib. Of all the tombs, big or small of Sirhind, the mausoleums of Mujaddid and his successors are undoubtedly the best maintained. These are regarded as very sacred by the Muslims in general and the nobility of Kabul in particular to pay visit as a place of pilgrimage. Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi lived at this place during the times of Akbar and Jahangir from 1563 to 1624. The Sheikh is held in high esteem and is considered by Sunni Muslim to be second to Prophet Mohammed. For this reason, this mausoleum is regarded as Second Mecca by Sunni Muslims all over the world. The Urs celebration of the Mujadid are held here for more than 300 years and are largely attended by Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries.

The mausoleum is a fine building made of bricks partly overlaid with stone and marble. Close to it there is the mausoleum of Rati-ud-Din, an ancestor of the Mujadid. Not far here are the rauzas of Mujaddid’s sons Khawaja Muhammad Sadiq and Khwaja Muhammad Masum. The Rauja of latter is sometimes called Rauza Chini on account of its excellent mosaic work. In its premises are many other graves of the members of the house of the said reformer and some members of the ruling family of Kabul. There is a grand mosque with a basement and a small tank for performing ablution before the prayers. The shrine has since been taken over by Government of India as a historic monument and regular employees have been kept here for its maintenance, up keep and care. A grand Urs is held inside the Rauza Sharif in August every year with much pomp and celebrations. The spiritual importance of the place is so high that Sunni Muslims regard it as the second Mecca.

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