Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abul Ula Dargah


Dargah Name: Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abul Ula Dargah
Other Titles:
Date of Urs: Urs of Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) is celebrated every year from 6th to 10th Safer (Islamic Month) under the patronage of Al – Haaj Hazrat Syed Inayat Ali Abul Ulai, Sajada Nasheen and Mutawalli, which is attended by lakhs of devotees from various parts of India & world.
Resting Place: Agra, U.P.
Gaddi Nashin:

About Dargah: Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abul Ula Naqshbandi Ahrari (سیدنا شاہ امیر ابو العلی احراری) is a Sufi Saint of the Naqshbandi order in India.

Hazrat Khwaja Ameer Abdul Salam, Grand Father of Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abul Ula (R.A.) migrated from Samarkand (In Present Uzbekistan) to India during the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar and stayed in Fatehpur Sikri (Agra, India), later he went for Hajj where he passed away and was buried in Makkah Muazzama, father of Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) Hazrat Abul Wafa (R.A.) continued to stay in Fatehpur Sikri.

Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) was born at Narela, Near Delhi in Hijri 990 or 1582 AD & belongs to the family of Hazrat Ali Karum Allah H/O Wajho (R.A.) in 29th order, his father Hazrat Abul Wafa (R.A.) left for heavenly abode while Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) was quite young.

Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) grew under the patronage of his Maternal Grand Father (Nana) Hazrat Khwaja Faizi (R.A.), who was Governor of Vardhman (Bengal, India) during reign of Emperor Akbar; Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) was a great Sufi Saint who reached to all the Great Heights as A Sufi. He was known for his speech, writings & kindness, after passing away of Hazrat Faizi (R.A.) Emperor Akbar appointed Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) as Governor in his place.

Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) never missed his Spiritual responsibilities towards Allah & kept himself immersed in Ibadat & Zikr – E -Elahi, though at the same time gave full attention to his responsibilities as Governor. After passing away of Emperor Akbar, Jahangir took over government and summoned all the Governors including other authorities under him, Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) was not willing to attend the meeting and desired to leave his position as a Governor, however, he attended the meeting. Emperor Jahangir was very happy with the governance of Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) and expressed his wish to continue him as Governor, though not willing, accepted Emperors request to continue as a Governor.

One night Sher-E-Khuda Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hassan Razi Allah Ho Anho and Hazrat Hussain Radi Allah Ho Anho came in his dreams and ordered him to adopt the path of Durvesh (Faqiri), paying a serious cognizance, Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) left from Akbarabad to Delhi and after paying tributes to Hazrat Khwaja Qutub Uddin Baqtiya Kaki and Hazrat Khwaja Nizam Uddin reached Ajmer. During the stay in Ajmer Hazrat Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz (R.A.) enlightened Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) by putting a bead of Tasbih in his mouth, thus turning his life by opening thousands of enlightened secrets of Soul. Later, he approached his Paternal Uncle Hazrat Ameer Abdullah Ahrary (R.A.) who granted him the Khilafat and married his daughter to him.

Hazrat Syedna (R.A.), whose whole life was busy in preaching as a great Saint & demonstrating uncountable miracles rose and left this world on early morning of 9th Safer 1061 Hijri or 1651 AD.

Even today Success & Kindness flows at the Shrine of Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) at Agra, India

Lakhs of followers/attendees benefit from Kindness of Hazrat Syedna (R.A.) & achieve Success.

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